We’ve asked a number of ‘grey’ individuals how they make sure their intentions become actions. If you are thinking about resolutions for the new year, read on and try to incorporate some of this great advice into your plan!

“On a very practical level I work backwards from goals and write these down followed by step by step plans on how to get there. Less is more when it comes to intentions and goals. I am strict with myself as to what I really want to accomplish because having too many goals is overwhelming and leads to no action. Once I have decided on something, I go for it with passion.”
Oren Bass, Pave

“Organize them [intentions]  into projects, begin them with verbs, start with the hard ones first, and cross them off every single day.”
- Kurt Peloquin, Great People Unite

“I just go for it, day in and day out. Sometimes I can only spend ten minutes working on a project but maybe the next I can spend ten hours, as long as you keep pushing forward things will eventually come into fruition.”
- Henry Watkins, model

“I tell someone I respect, creating necessary accountability.”
- Jessica Hendricks, The Brave Collection

And Michaelangelo L’Acqua, of W Hotels, shares with us his awesome methodology for creating change in his life:

What advice can you share with our community about how to turn intentions into actions?

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