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The Grey Toolkit

The Grey Toolkit offers you different approaches to investing in company culture based on your needs. It includes measurement tools to get a pulse on your culture, resources to help you improve that culture, and Live in the Grey Certification for recognizing outstanding culture.


Rooted in scientific theory, our proprietary 10 minute Grey Assessment gives companies their culture heartbeat. Learn how connected, productive and fulfilled your employees feel in the workplace, and walk away with a real understanding of your talent magnets and talent repellers, key insights that help you get and keep the best talent.


Based on your current culture strengths and weaknesses, we offer customized tools to help you take action in areas like talent branding, relationship building, productivity & employee fulfillment.


The Live in the Grey Certification recognizes high-scoring companies for their outstanding culture. Certified companies can share their certification in marketing materials & on their site and to help attract top talent.

Certified Companies

  • "This assessment has helped my team realize the big picture and how lucky we are to work for such a great company. This was so great for morale."
  • "As we quickly grow we want to preserve and scale the parts of our culture that make us an awesome place to work. We also want to humbly recognize and immediately act on roadblocks for our team. LITG helps highlight both in an insightful way. The LITG team is hands on, fun to work with, and personalized our experience for our team dynamic and goals."
  • "We are at a cusp where the greatest value for companies are engaged teams and Live in the Grey is right there for it. The Assessment is a wonderful reinforcement of your culture and catalyst for improvement. Just that step gets you into a better place."
  • "The whole program was unlike anything I've participated in before. From start to finish, people were engaged and interested in what was coming next."
  • "I've never had an employee ask if they can take a survey twice! That's a first."
  • "Having a collaborative culture is very important to us, and we found that the assessment provided insight into both what we're doing well and what we can continue to improve upon."

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