August 8, 2013

Recap: Our Salon in Los Angeles!

This week, we were in Los Angeles and held our second West Coast salon! We had an incredible mix of people join us, including: Reuben Brody (LA Editor of Inside Hook), Theano Apostolou (Executive Vice President of Communications at Starz), Casey Caplowe (co-founder and creative director of GOOD), Jamie Gutfreund (Chief Strategy Officer for The Intelligence Group, a division of CAA), Anil Rathi (founder of Skild), Blake Maher (Executive Director of The Painted Turtle) and Seth Matlins (co-founder of Feel More Better).

We started dinner by asking each guest what they dreamed of being when they were a kid. The answers were great, ranging from architect to newscaster to inventor to florist to priest!

In many cases it was awesome to hear how many guests have taken the core of what it is they wanted to do when they were children and made that part of their careers today. And honestly, we figured as much. It made perfect sense to us that these grey individuals, who are fulfilled in their careers today, would marry their passions as children into their current professions.

But, it’s important to note that not everyone started their careers doing what they loved. Many of the guests had career pivots, where they started down one path and then found it necessary to press reset and try something different. If you are in the midst of a career reassessment, check out some of our favorite thoughts from the night:

“The reality of your life is often better than the fantasy.” Theano Apostolou

“You can’t fear failure. Failure is fun.” Anil Rathi

“In thinking about making a pivot in my career, I asked myself if I was alleviating my frustrations and/or adding to my satisfaction.” Seth Matlins

For more inspiration from the evening, check out the #LiveGrey hashtag on Twitter.



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