August 12, 2013

Start Your Week With These Reads

[Image: splorp]

Check out these articles for inspiration and motivation on how to #LiveGrey.


“I’ve had my resume called ‘random,’ ‘interesting,’ ‘eclectic’ and ‘all over the place’ – all euphemisms in my eyes for ‘slightly insane.’” Sound like you? Living In Beta: How To Test, Fail And Learn At Life And Worka great piece from our friend Nick Taranto of Plated.

Surprising Lessons From 100 Days of Rejection. In this awesome 12-minute video, Jia Jiang is guaranteed to make you smile, and hopefully, take a risk or two! Thank you @PilotteMiria for sharing this one with us.


See your career as a series of stepping stones, not a linear trajectory. Build a career worth having from Harvard Business Review. We appreciate the recommendation, @afshea2002!

Only 5% of people pick the right job on the first try. How to pick a career you’ll like by Penelope Trunk

What else is inspiring you this week? 


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