June 27, 2013

Recap: Our June Salon in NYC

This week we continued our salon series in New York. Ten individuals with inspiring careers joined us in Maneesh’s apartment to talk about the state of the workplace, failure and what it means to live grey.

One of the questions we asked of our guests was who or what is inspiring you right now? Their answers were so awesome, we wanted to share with you:

“Being the underdog,” Olivia Ma, head of News and Media Partnerships for Google+.

“Emails from service members overseas,” Kal Penn, actor and former associate director of public engagement for Obama Administration.

“NY and its people and energy. Anything is possible today here. This dinner is the perfect example,” Jorge Cosano, head of Men’s Grooming Initiative and Incubator for New Businesses at L’Oreal.

Tablescape at June LITG Salon

The tablescape

“My goal right now is to build a well in Africa with the Ross Foundation,” Lauren Simonetti reporter for FOX Business Network.

“Hilman Curtis and this video on his career path,” James O’Reilly, managing partner at Neuehouse a new private work collective in NYC.

“Obama, always. Also the potential to share the power of the Flea with other places and feeling like that’s within my grasp,” Eric Demby, co-founder of Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg.

LITG June Salon Guests

Jorge, Olivia, Lauren, Alicia, Maneesh

 “My husband. He is true and humble and trying to find his “grey,” Alicia Quarles, NY correspondent for E! News.

“This dinner, these people, living in the grey.” Kurt Peloquin, founder of Great People Unite, an organization dedicated to empowering artistic entrepreneurs.


David Munczinski, Eric Demby, Kal Penn, Kurt Peloquin

 David, Eric, Kal and Kurt

“The power of organizing the hundreds of millions of people entering the middle class in places like India,” Jeremy Heimansco-founder of Purpose.

“The work of Helen Kramer and the personal change system. The book,  Steal Like an Artist,“ Marissa Feinberg, co-founder of Green Spaces, Green Leaders Global and Flockd.

So now, we’ll turn the question on you, who or what is inspiring YOU right now? Tell us below in the comments.

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[Images: Kirsten Iverson Kesicki]



  • Jen

    How do I get invited to one of these.

  • Live in the Grey

    Hi Jen, thanks for your interest in our salon dinners! Where are you located? Send us an email and tell us about yourself, [email protected]

  • Currently I’m very inspired by June Ambrose; I follow her on Instagram and everyday I’m constantly amazed at the amount of things this woman accomplishes in a 24 hour period! Her day starts before the sun comes out in the gym with a trainer, looking fabulous with her shades and a smile, getting as she says “stylefit”. Then she somehow manages to get back home to make her kids breakfast AND dinner. A meal that would make some trained chefs envious! Then she is off working her magic making some celebrity look runway ready and creating her HSN shoe line. And if you think it’s over …it’s not! Most evenings she is off to some fantastic celebrity event looking amazing!!! How do one person do so much in one day! I inspire to have that kind of drive and energy. June Ambrose shows that you can have it all…a great career, beautiful family, and can live your dreams. So inspirational!!!!

    Kristy Lewis

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