Changing the direction of your career can be a lonely process. When looking for new opportunities, for example, 99% of the time you’ll be by yourself, behind a screen (generally, late at night), scrolling through job postings, one after another. Then, when you do stumble upon a position you love and are qualified for, you spend all your time and energy crafting a perfect cover letter, updating your resume and filling out an applicant tracking system.

The cycle keeps repeating and when you immerse yourself back into society the next day and see your friends and family you get one of these questions: “How is your job search going?” or “Did you find a job yet?”  It’s enough to wear down the best of us. All of the sudden a really talented young professional will start to second guess their skills, potential and calling in life.

Before you get to this point, take a few steps back and ask yourself these three questions… (Tip: The more time and thought you put into these questions, the better your outcome.)

 1. What are three things you would do for free? 

I like to pose this question to everyone I work with. This is such a powerful question and requires a lot of thought, but once you start identifying a few things you love so much that you don’t care about the money, you can start drilling down into specific work industries, companies, and jobs – instead of just casting a wide-net in your job search. If you are really passionate about something and the job you desire isn’t out there, then create it yourself. We are living in a world of limitless connection and unlimited resources at your finger tips that you can turn a passion project into a business in no time. Just note, it requires a ton of hustle, self-esteem, and perseverance.

2. What do people around you say you are really good at?

I love this question and believe that everyone should continue to ask this question of themselves throughout their lives. Any chance you have, ask your colleagues, friends, family, mentors, etc. “What do you think are my strengths?” or “What skill am I really great at?”

3. What is something you have done in the year that has made you feel invincible?

Someone I was working with shared this question with me and I have asked myself this question just about once a month since hearing it. It is from Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend site and it is so powerful. When you find something that makes you feel invincible, you will stop at nothing to achieve it. If you are applying for (or already working for) a job at a company or in an industry you are not passionate about, you are not going to have a “do whatever it takes” mentality.

No matter what stage of your career you are in, you should constantly self-evaluate by asking these questions. Comment belowI with your responses to any or all of these questions or shoot me an email at [email protected].

This article was originally published on TheNicheMovement.com here.


Kevin O'Connell is a Digital Storyteller who helps those that have found their passion tell their story in a noisy world. Kevin's passion project turned movement is called The Niche Movement, and offers a community for young finding their career path.

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  • Kareem

    So 3 three things I would do for free:
    Keep the environment clean and healthy
    Give advice/coach, mainly about personal development
    Help with technical issues

    Things I’ve been told I’m good at:
    Positive, professional, creative, flexible, go getter, can motivate, calmly advise, perseverance, applying logic, innovative

    Invincible this year:
    Was given the task to provide training about big data, no idea what that was back then. Learnt about big data, created training plan, worked through some difficult technical problems.

    At the moment I’m Head of programmes in IT and I pretty much have to do any job going from admin to manager.
    Some guidance would be good.

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