Live in the Grey

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Tara Sophia Mohr and a great piece she wrote about being on your own side and choosing to believe in your dreams over your fears.

Today, we wanted to share another insightful observation from Tara, a phenomenon she calls the B+ life.

In the B+ life, things are good but not great. All the right life elements are in place: good job, good friends, people you love. The checklist items are checked.

The problem is, something feels off. Life feels like it is happening in black and white, rather than in full color. Something in you keeps asking, ‘Is this all there is?'”

Here are a few of Tara’s tips for getting out of a B+ life:

Forge A Unique Path: Leaving B+ means leaving the herd. The life that will bring you huge meaning and fulfillment probably doesn’t look like the life your buddies or family members are leading.What really brings you joy? What matters most to you? What are your loves and longings?

Do Your Right Work: Your right work is the work you feel called to do, the contribution you feel called to make. I don’t know anyone who is feeling thrilled and jazzed about life who is not also focused on making a particular, inspired contribution to the world. Your real work can happen through your job, or outside of it.

Reclaim Your Joys. In leaving my B+ life, I came to terms with the fact that the things I really loved when I was five were, for the most part, the things that were going to make me happy as an adult. It’s almost laughably simple. Then we make it complicated. Those things you loved years ago matter. Reclaim them.

Lean Into the Questions: Usually, leaving B+ (or B- or C- etc.) lives comes with uncomfortable and unanswered questions about what we want, what the future will hold, and how to make change in the midst of our responsibilities. As much as you can, see the questions as sources of meaning in themselves—rather than as obstacles to get over. When we see them this way, answers have a soft, welcoming place in which to emerge.

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