If you had a chance to read our philosophy, you will see that the foundation for the way we see things rests on the pursuit of a meaningful life – one of rich collaboration, giving and the pursuit of a larger purpose. You may already be on the verge of a major transition. So this next part may not come as a surprise.

For the last 12 years the Gallup research firm has been studying a relatively new metric in economic terms called “employee engagement.” The study has found engagement to be a key element in what drives the bottom line at many businesses and subsequently economic growth in the U.S. Here is sampling of what they found.

An alarming 70% of American employees aren’t working to their full potential. And only three in 10 American workers are engaged with their work. Dr. Jim Harter, Gallup’s chief scientist for workplace management and well-being says:

The general consciousness about the importance of employee engagement seems to have increased in the past decade. But there is a gap between knowing about engagement and doing something about it in most American workplaces.

The research company goes on to discuss how businesses can tackle stagnating engagement among employees, which includes a focus on management, and empowering, defining, and tracking progress among employees.

Our economy is slowly starting to feel the impact of our daily choices. If we remain stagnant in the way we approach our lives and careers, then we resign ourselves to a future void of excitement, passion, meaning, and purpose. So we ask you:

Are you creating a future that excites you?

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  • Katie Cohen

    So true! Creating a future that excites you should always be the number one priority! Not just the paycheck! That way we can perform to our full potential in the work we do, rather than passively sitting at our desks (unengaged) counting down the hours until 8 O’clock.

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