I just got a little #twitterpated over @livegrey. How have I never seen this before? These are MY people. <3

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"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."
Meet Sal and Oren, co-founders of Pave
Insights from Shivani Karia
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LITG hit Las Vegas...
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Diary of a Grey Journey
Proceed anyway.
This is Your Guarantee of Failure.
What do your hobbies say about you?
How Your Hobbies Can Boost Your Employability
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7 Excuses Why You Aren’t Yet Living in the Grey
"Believing in the black or the white keeps you sedated in your life."
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Questions to help you, from Pam Slim
Finding Great Work
We asked Marissa Feinberg...
Weekly Inspiration 10.20.13
"I had to trust myself, my instinct, my gut"
Guest Post: Say Goodbye to the Black & White
Failure is an inevitable, even essential part of life.
Failure IS An Option!
"If we didn’t mix work and play,we weren’t going to make it."
Guest Post: Kajal Desai Shares How She Lives Grey
Are you the author of your own ambition?
A kinder, gentler philosophy of success
"I feel like I jumped off a cliff and sometimes that's exactly what you need to do."
Meet Holly Ronan, Benefit Cosmetics Boutique Proprietor

RT @ejpritch: “Risk scares us, but it shouldn’t. Risk makes life remarkable.”  via @LiveGrey

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We asked Jeremy Heimans...
Weekly Inspiration 10.13.13
Seth Godin's hierarchy of failure...
Making Mistakes is Brave
"There's nothing I'd rather be doing everyday then what I actually do."
Meet Jeff Raider, co-founder & co-CEO of Harry’s
Wise words from Bill and Hillary
6 Things We Learned from the Clintons About How to #LiveGrey
Blend - don't balance - work & play.
It’s All About The Blend