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What have you failed at this week?
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Friday Inspiration 9.27.13
"Life is way too short to not do what you love."
Living Grey is Contagious - A Story from CGI

Mentorship is: giving someone the confidence to let their voice be heard - Monica Mishra of #ANNpower @AnnTaylor #CGI2013 #LiveGrey

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LITG hangs out with the Clintons
Clinton Global Initiative
Questions to determine if you find your job fulfilling
What Does Job Fulfillment Actually Mean?
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Friday Inspiration 9.20.13
RT @sammijillg @LiveGrey I chose to #LiveInTheGrey 6 months ago & haven’t looked back. Hope more adopt! #passion
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Highlights from a recent Fast Company article
Why Your Boss Cares If You’re Happy
Having trouble making choices about your career?
Decision Paralysis: What Does It Have to do with Your Career?

Be open. Change happens when it’s invited. “Do the work” #LiveGrey

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Insight from Seth Godin
Your Alphabet
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A Q&A; with Ramit Sethi
Aren’t Sure If You Can You Live What You Love? Test it!
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How a member of our LITG community expanded his box
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Handy advice to help you shift into a more fulfilling role.
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