The Live Grey Ambassador Program is a collective of grey individuals dedicated to spreading the Live in the Grey message and helping others to blend their personal and professional lives. This series offers some of the wisdom they have to share as they progress on their journey.

How did you find your grey (or arrive at where you are in your grey journey today)?

My grey journey has just begun. After leaving a production job at an experiential agency, I realized I needed to rediscover my purpose in the agency world. Am I right brained or left brained and why do live events matter? In my current role producing an immersive storytelling people, bringing together artists and friends, I’ve realized that no matter the position (and however operational), there is a place for creativity. My intention is to use this passion project as a way to clarify my strengths, passions, and move in that direction professionally.

What are three things you try to do everyday?

I always wake up and journal for 30 minutes, which allows me to brain dump and through the mess, find clarity and intention. This space also allows me to prioritize and gauge where my energy will flow that day (as they say, “energy flows where intention goes”). I’m a music fanatic and listen to both old and new music daily, which keeps my attention focused and creativity in motion. I always love to close my day with what I’ve deemed “3 pats,” which are three pats on the back for both small and big accomplishments that day. A little self TLC goes a long way!

How have relationships played a role in your career and what advice do you have about building them?

Relationships may be the greatest gift we ever receive. I see every conversation and interaction — both big and small — as opportunities to learn something new and gain perspective. Relationships allow us to expand our own curiosities and discover new things about ourselves. When you begin to build and appreciate all relationships, new opportunities open up both personally and professionally. By opening up to people in my life, I’ve attracted not just job opportunities, but dialogue that’s been equally if not more important in self-discovery. My biggest tip would be to keep an open mind, stay curious, and be present in every interaction — you just never know who you’ll meet!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Dancing is my superpower. Have you ever watched the TED talk “your body can change your mind”? Well, watch that and you’ll see why any sort of movement based activity can actually change your mood and perspective instantly. When I’m not dancing, I’m either listening to music, on my bike and/or thinking about how I’ll move my drum set into a studio one day, to start my own band that is :)

What principle or goal is guiding you in your life right now?

I want to empower people creatively and spiritually through awesome experiences.

Tiffany currently sits on the LITG Leadership Board. Learn more about Tiffany on her Twitter.

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