How do you deal with the gap that often exists between what you love and how you make a living?

This is the question that Sally Kempton, author and spiritual teacher, poses in her most recent, insightful article for Yoga Journal. Kempton offers advice on shifting your perspective and moving past seemingly unpleasant tasks using wisdom from the yoga tradition. She says:

The yogic teachings on livelihood and vocation offer a blueprint for making your daily work a practice—for getting clear on your values and then bringing an attitude to your work that allows all your actions to reflect and serve those values. These are practices that give meaning even to frustrating tasks. More than that, they open a path to freedom that you can follow right down the middle of your daily life.

Kempton goes on to explain five guiding principles for aligning your on-the-job actions with the rest of your life. Her insights remind us of a core tenet in our philosophy, “Find the balance between passion and patience.” Approaching your work with patience and with your highest quality of attention can help you overcome your resistance and close the gap between what you love and what you do.

Be sure to read her full article in this month’s Yoga Journal.

[Image: Scarsdale Yoga]

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