Do you remember our pal Charlene Lite? This LITGer is doing big things. In addition to being a yoga instructor and musician, Charlene started the website, Dream Diaries, with the mission to help people take action towards making their dreams come true.

This week on Dream Diaries, Charlene interviewed Amanda Rex. Charlene talks to Amanda about her career pivot into the grey. Watch below to learn how Amanda realized after a number of year working in  finance, that it wasn’t the right for her, how she discovered what was and  most importantly, how she took actions to make her career dreams come true.

Takeaways from Amanda:

Nurture your obsessions.
Find what makes you happy and make time for it. Amanda took time to figure out “what kind of things make time disappear” for me her.

Actions trump intentions.
Once she started to figure out what made her happy, Amanda tested if she could truly make a career out of her interests. Amanda chose to get further education in the field that brought her joy. From there she took the next right step.  Remember, you can’t think your way to a grey life. You must take action.

Be Open.
“Leave yourself open to possibilities. One thing leads to another. Be aware for certain signs, opportunities that draw you in.”

Our favorite insights from Amanda:

“A big part of my anxiety was trying to be someone that I wasn’t, trying to live up to expectations that weren’t what I aspired to.”

“I realized what made them happy wouldn’t make me happy…why would I expect if I stayed here my outcome would be any different?”

“Externally it looks like I have a choice, I could stay here or I could take this new path…but it becomes less of a choice to you, when you’re in it. You just feel compelled to do this thing. At this point, it’s not a choice. I have to do this.”

Can you relate to Amanda’s journey or mindset? Share with us below.

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