A few days ago, we introduced you to some of Pave’s (and New York City’s) rising stars. Now it’s time to meet a few more!

This group is so inspiring to us because it very clear that they all love what they do and live what they love (see for yourself in the videos below):

These rising stars were kind enough to shed some light on how they’ve found success living in the grey:

“All of my [career] choices are guided by what speaks the most to my heart and what truly makes me happy…I feel so fortunate to build a career around something I would do for free!” AV Rockwell

“One of the greatest joys since starting ProjectArt has been the truly incredible people I have been fortunate to meet. If nothing else, ProjectArt is a network of strong relationships, that have been carefully and organically cultivated over time, and maintained with lots and lots of love!” Adarsh Alphons

“I am most fulfilled when my actions impact someone else’s life. Life is full of challenges, but with a positive attitude, we can develop those challenges into opportunities.” Vivian Onano 

“I love to collaborate with dedicated, interesting people - people who I can learn from, people who inspire me.” Victor Jeffreys II

“In all of my professional experiences, building strong and genuine relationships with individuals and organizations was the key to my success. In our world of digital communication and the Twittersphere, it’s critical to take the time and build connections and relationships with people outside of networking events.” Saige Martin

“Sometimes having some experience will make you a better entrepreneur… and sometimes it just takes time to figure out a way to make your passion pay the bills. Most of us will work for 40+ years, so a little patience can pay off for years to come!” Andy Moon

“My life rules because I get to collaborate with engaged, interested, creative and funny people. I’m super fortunate to be surrounded by exceptional human beings.” Lillie Cohn

“I think of everything I do as either teaching everything I know to others or learning as much as I can from others.” George Weiner

“Starting small leaves room for growth and time for reflection. This is key to a future that is improved from the past. Small steps, small target audience, small vision that grows in time to become bold. Also, flexibility is something that is necessary in today’s world and with an open mindset it is possible to change for the better.” Ronah Harris

“The transfer of knowledge is at the core of any community, any movement, any nexus of change. Progress is not and cannot be accomplished in a vacuum. It is not about teaching someone to fish, it is about empowering him or her to redesign the rod.” Kate Woska

Join PaveOverture and Live in the Grey this Thursday, March 27th in NYC to meet all 25 Rising Stars! 


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