Taking a risk means venturing out of your comfort zone into less familiar territory. It can be scary. The goal of this 10-day challenge is to practice feeling that fear of the unknown so much that you become comfortable with it. Because the more comfortable you are with uncertainty, the less likely it is to stop you from taking action towards making your career dreams a reality.

This week, we’re starting simple. We’ll make small tweaks to our regular routines that will help us begin to perceive risk-taking as an opportunity, rather than something to fear.

Today’s challenge: Try a new type of food!

How It Works:

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- Once you’ve completed the daily challenge, you’ll post your results via social media using the hashtag #LiveGrey. (Doing so will also enter you to win a free career coaching session with Caroline Zwick!)

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  • Tausha

    As the second week of the Risk Challenge gets underway, I’ve realized two things:

    1. I do a good amount of the risks in this challenge pretty often but hadn’t really considered them risks until now. I say that not to gloat but to remind myself that if I’m doing these risks to the point where I’m comfortable with them, then it’s time I look at bigger risks to tackle — whether that’s with my career or in my personal life. I’ve also realized it’s important to keep pushing myself and to take the time to pause and reasses what “risk” means to me, as it’s something that’s constantly evolving.

    2. My fear of revisiting something I’ve been exposed to is much greater than my fear of the unknown. For example, with the first day of the Risk Challenge — try a new food — I thought briefly about all the food I had yet to try but in the back of my mind I knew the food I needed to have: it was the dish I had been too nervous to taste months earlier while traveling in Hong Kong: congee. I’ve seen it at many places since but couldn’t work up the nerve to get it. So I finally decided it was time. I looked up where to get it near me, went to the restaurant and sat down at a table with two men since there were no open seats and ate my first bowl of congee. Looking back, my nervousness seems silly, as the dish was great and is such a common and simple Asian household staple. I’m glad I ultimately let my curiosity outweigh my fear.

  • Live in the Grey

    Awesome insight about how what ‘risk’ means to you will continue to evolve. Thank you for participating Tausha! We’re so honored to be a part of your mission to continuously expand your comfort zone!

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