When I started my business, oddly enough, the simple task of coming up with a name for my collection was one of the most difficult tasks. I was a working mother, designing both a life and a career, and needed a name that was equal parts interesting and powerful to reflect the clothes. I wanted the brand to stand for strong, feminine, smart, confident women.

I resisted naming the collection Rachel Roy. I knew the collection would be 100% my vision but to put my name on it in such a public way was terrifying. Thoughts of possible failure and rejection filled my head. I researched dozens of alternate names and went as far as searching the rights to the names as well as making up labels with the alternate names on them- anything so I didn’t have to name my collection Rachel Roy.

The time came for a final decision to be made. I had orders for my product but no real name so I went with my gut, despite the butterflies, and I named my collection Rachel Roy. In hindsight, I am thankful that I did but at the time it felt like a monumental risk.

It was a huge leap of faith in myself and a huge lesson in my life. Risks to me allow for personal growth and betterment and if we are truly committed to growth we will never stop discovering new dimensions of self and self expression. It is important for me to teach my daughters to not be afraid of looking foolish especially if they really believe in something because failure is merely the step before success. You learn from failure, so either way you win.

Whether you succeed or fail, taking a risk will stretch you and further your strengths and abilities and ultimately you gain the confidence to do even more. So, how do you overcome fear and take a risk?

There come times in everyone’s life when you’re faced with a choice that involves risk. Maybe you want to change careers, move to a different city, start a business, begin a new relationship or start a family. By nature, risk resonates with traits of uncertainty and unpredictableness. Risk means giving up what you know for what could be.

In the end, the rewards can be great, but you won’t know until you take that leap. I do it by stopping and listening for the stillness…like Glenda the Good Witch said, “You always had it in you.” We just have to stop and listen for it, and then act on it, for we are our most creative when we are relaxed and happy. There’s no magic formula, there’s really not. It’s something we all need to work through and decide what’s right for us and to take the fear out of the equation.

Taking risks is nothing but the power of choice and I chose to be the ultimate decider of my destiny.

My Risk Checklist:

~ Risk allows you to conquer your fears.
~ Risk is always a choice. When you ask yourself your true intent in wanting to conquer the fear, be clear. What you intend is what you will manifest.
~ Risk gives you an opportunity to explore your talents, interests, abilities and dreams because to discover what is possible you must push the envelope of the impossible.
~ Risk teaches you to set clear goals and follow through.
~ Risk opens you up to new ideas, opportunities and experiences.
~ Risk allows you to grow and discover new things about yourself and the world around you.
~ Be clear on your objectives and the results you wish to achieve. Those that get what they want are the ones that clearly define what it IS that they want.
~ Be alert and make your choices count. Don’t sleep walk through your life.
~ Don’t let past mistakes or failures stop you, problems are actually invitations to change.

From Huffington Post

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