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1. The Diversified Organization (A)

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Evan Schneyer of Google thinks the kind of workplace diversity no company has fully embraced, but that is the future of work, is diversity of modes of working. A lot of people talk about the future of work but Schneyer provides concrete examples of what that might actually look like.

Preview: “We work way more than we want to, way more than we should. So the upside is astounding: what if there are better ways of working, better ways of organizing?”

2. Why Company Culture Should Matter to Your Business (B+)

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Entrepreneur Himanshu Sareen delineates four direct ties between investing in company culture and competitive business advantage.

Preview: “When the wheels fall off on a big project or a major deal falls through, the companies that are best equipped to handle setbacks will time and again turn to the values that got them in a position to succeed in the first place.”

3. 6 Ways Work Will Change In 2016 (B)

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Fast Company’s predictions on which workplace trends that will have a moment in 2016.

Preview: “Leaders are finding that they have to be more inspirational, they have to be more collaborative. The traditional approach to performance management and performance appraisals is being revolutionized.”

4. How to Find a Job That Aligns With Your Values (B+)

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Professor of business psychology Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic explains why it’s so tricky (yet crucial) for companies to find employees who believe in their values & vice versa.

Preview: “We know by now that performance and engagement are closely linked, with most of us working more effectively when we’re invested in what we do. And one of the keys to feeling engaged at work is aligning your own idiosyncratic values with those of your organization.”

5. The Meaning of Work (A+)

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In case you missed it, TED Radio Hour recently tackled some big questions on their podcast: Why is work so competition-based? How do we derive meaning from our work? Why do we work so hard?

Stand-out Moment: Psychology professor Barry Schwartz explores of the history of work, including how the monotonous work style born in the industrial revolution has led to today’s movement seeking more meaning from work.



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