February 13, 2013

Thinking About Quitting Your Job? Do This First

Risk is a hard concept to embrace. By very definition it is a situation that involves exposure to danger. We launched live in the grey with the idea that risk is nothing to shy away from but that it can, in fact make life remarkable. These ideas are admittedly easier said than done. And no matter how many times we try to gently nudge you into stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s always nice to learn about ways to make risk a much “safer” proposition. We recently came across an article in Inc. that offers you a few things to consider before you do something crazy, like quit your job to follow your passion. Author Steve Tobak takes a fairly conservative approach (by our standards), but nonetheless offers some practical advice to consider before you quit. He says:

Most entrepreneurs or people looking to do something new and different search for ideas, for solutions. That’s usually the wrong place to start. What you need to find first is a problem that you feel passionate about solving. Hopefully one that you’re uniquely qualified to solve. One of the most important questions venture capitalists ask when evaluating an enterprise is: Does it solve a big problem?… Another way to think of it: Don’t try to do something great. Not initially. Just try to find a problem you think needs to be solved and do that.

In other words, understanding what your true motives are will help you set realistic goals and ease you into making the right decision. Take a look at the full article to help you consider a more calculated approach to embrace risk.

Are you ready to reach for the next level?

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