Happy 2014!

Now that the holiday season is officially over, it’s time to reapproach our career ambitions with vigor! To help inspire you, we’ve compiled some of the best career-related advice out there. Dig in:

Don’t wait for your passion to fall from the sky. It won’t. To FIND your passion (note the active verb), test your assumptions. You can find your answers in less than 2 weeks!”
- Ramit Sethi, I Will Teach You To Be Rich via his blog

Take appropriate risks, even if you fail.”
- Seth Godin via Entrepreneur Magazine

Do your homework, have a point of view, be a good listener, and show passion”—that’s when people will give you a chance.” - Elisa Steele, CMO of Skype via  Marie Claire

Work for an employer where you can proudly wear your favorite pizza socks!” or in other words, develop a sense of what you are not willing to compromise when it comes to the ability to achieve fulfillment in your career. - Chris Diken, Vimeo via Live in the Grey

‘Don’t wait for the big break.’ I feel like life is a series of little breaks, and you don’t even recognize them most of the time. My career advice would be to show up and give it your all; you never know what’s next. Do your absolute best because it can always lead to something wonderfully unforeseeable.”
- Carolyn Malcolm, owner of CRM Management via Refinery 29

“When you’re very ambitious and you have a lot that you want to accomplish, sometimes it’s hard to just take a deep breath and realize that by being softer and gentler, you can often achieve more.” - Rachael Chong, founder Catchafire via Live in the Grey

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