January 3, 2014

Do You Know How To Recover From Failure?

“I love learning from mistakes, I’m kind of like a bird flying into a window.
I just know that I’ll eventually figure it out.”
- Amanda Steinberg

You gotta love that quote. It comes from Amanda Steinberg, CEO and founder of financial website, Daily Worth, who has a great attitude when it comes to failure.

Here’s a quick story to show you what we mean:

“When I was running a web company back in 2001, a client called me and said, “Amanda, why did you make this horrible decision?”
I snapped back with a smile: ‘I make 100 decisions a day, and while 80 of them are probably wrong, the 20 that are right are where our success comes from.’
His reply: “You’re right.’”

So how did Amanda gain this healthy relationship to failure?

She figured out to quickly transition to the lesson to be learned. First, she puts a limit on brooding. “It’s completely reasonable to freak out when things go wrong. Give yourself two hours to feel as deeply as you need to about the problem. Then commit to releasing it and move on.”

Next, Amanda advises that you shift your focus. In regards to running her business, when something goes wrong and she starts to panic, she reminds herself that revenue solves all problems and turns her attention to generating more money.

When you choose to live in the grey and buck the black-and-white life, you know you’re signing up for the path of most resistance. Along with that comes stress, so develop your own strategies to manage anxiety. Find what works for you and you’ll keep setbacks from scarring you.

And then you can move on to a different window to crash into.



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