This graduation season brought singer John Legend back to his alma mater, UPenn, to deliver the 2014 commencement speech. John sang a funny remixed version of his current hit, “All of Me” as well as delivered a powerful speech about how daring to love - yourself, your work and other people - will lead to the best life you can have.

Below are our favorite excerpts from the speech.

On how grit and passion were instrumental in his career pivot from consulting to music:

When I graduated from Penn, I had many of the traditional opportunities in front of you now, and I took a job at the Boston Consulting Group. But I couldn’t shake my passion for music. I had followed the path that the Penn graduate was supposed to take, but I didn’t fall in love. I immediately started thinking about how I could leave BCG and become a full-time musician. I spent hours during the day preparing powerpoint presentations and financial models. And I spent almost as many hours at night writing songs and performing at small gigs around New York and Philadelphia.”

On how he failed a lot before succeeding:

“I always believed that my big break would come sooner rather than later. In fact, from 1998, while I was still at Penn, to early 2004, I spent each of those years always thinking that I would get that big record deal within the next few months. I always thought my moment was just around the corner. But I was rejected by all the major labels; some of them rejected me multiple times. I played for all the giants of the business — Clive Davis, L.A. Reid, Jimmy Iovine, you name it. And all of them turned me down.”

On how risk makes life remarkable and nothing is more important than your relationships:

“I know what it’s like to be all ego in your 20s. I know what it’s like to be selfish and just focus on your immediate wants and desires. I know what it’s like to protect your heart from pain and disappointment. I know what it means to be all about the rat race and winning.

But years from now, when you look back on your time here on earth, your life and your happiness will be way more defined by the quality of your relationships, not the quantity. You’ll get much more joy out of depth, not breadth. It’s about finding and keeping the best relationships possible with the people around you. It’s about immersing yourself in your friendships and your family. It’s about being there for the people you care about, and knowing that they’ll be there for you.”

Well said, John!

You can (and should) watch the whole thing (below). Or read the full transcript here.


 [Image: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty]

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