July 1, 2013

Meet Rachael Chong, Founder + CEO of Catchafire

We were fortunate enough to connect with Rachael Chong, the founder and CEO of Catchafire. Catchafire is a skills-based volunteer matching website that connects professionals to nonprofits.

As a child, Rachael discovered her love for helping others and knew that she wanted to dedicate a significant part of her life to mobilizing change for those who were financially disadvantaged. She has managed to create a career for herself that encapsulates her greatest passions, perpetuates her enthusiasm, and has helped her to uncover her purpose as an individual.

Listen to Rachael talk about her interesting career journey below:

What struck us about Rachael’s career is that she new from a very early age what she wanted to do. After moving to Beijing from Australia at only eight years old, Rachael was exposed to severe cases of poverty. It was during this time that she knew that she wanted to work to make the world a fair place. After graduating college in the United States, she became an investment banker to gain knowledge about the economy and to understand how to become be an active force and agent of change.

To merge her career path with philanthropic causes, Rachael switched from banking to microfinance where she became more heavily involved in non-profit work. She developed important insights and uncovered critical shortcomings about the nonprofit world that eventually inspired her to establish Catchafire.

Through Catchafire, Rachael has developed a business platform that reflects her personal beliefs and interests, and has successfully created a career path for herself that she could closely identify with and find true fulfillment in.

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[Image: Dorothy Hong]

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