“I love my life and I love everything about it.
I do live in the grey.”
- Charlie Rose

Last night, Charlie Rose made our dreams come true by joining the Live in the Grey family and interviewing Alyssa Mastromonaco, current Deputy Chief of Staff for President Obama, at our event.

Charlie is one the most grey individuals we know and we are inspired by him every night on his 11:00pm show and every morning on CBS This Morning (you’ve got to love what you do with that demanding schedule!).

One of the things we love about Charlie is that he never hesitates to share how much he loves his work. There’s no doubt he loves what he does and lives what he loves. He often talks on his shows about how he has no barriers between his life and his work. His friends are collaborators and his personal passions are his professional pursuits. Last night he explained to us his philosophy on work, 

“It’s not, ‘how do I fill my day?’ it’s ‘how does my day fill me?” - Charlie Rose

We also got some insight from Charlie about where his talent for conversation was cultivated. He shared that when he was young his parents owned a store. He was an only child and would help his parents in the store. Everyone from town came to that store and he got a lot of practice talking to adults. He found the best way to engage with them, even though he was just a child, was to ask them about their lives and themselves. Fast forwarding, Charlie had brief stints in banking and law as well as television production before finding his way in front of the camera as a journalist, where he found his true passion. It’s amazing what clues you can find to unlock your grey life when you look back to your youth and rediscover who you inherently are!

Check out a few more of our favorite recent quotes from Charlie about life in the grey:

[Tweet “”The luckiest among us choose to do something with our life that is at one with who we are” @charlierose”]

[Tweet “”Risk and failure, I think, are central to a genuinely real life.” @charlierose”]



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