We all complain about being connected 24/7. Sometimes we long for the days when we didn’t panic if we couldn’t check our phones compulsively every 20 minutes, or when we didn’t feel like a total loser if our Instagram photos didn’t get the proper amount of likes in a certain time frame. But the constant connectivity has been useful at times, especially when it comes to all the great apps out there for things like organization, money management, communication, and our favorite? Productivity.

Here at Levo, we’re always looking for the next best app when it comes to productivity. You mean I can check my email and automatically have it sync with my to-do list? There’s a way to shut off my text messages while still allowing me to use the other things on my phone? Sign me up. So to share our wisdom with the rest of the world, we’ve rounded up the best apps to help you master the art of productivity.

1. Sunrise (iPhone, Android)

It’s like Google Calendar on steroids. Sunrise connects everything that you have going on, including your other calendar apps, Facebook events, weather, and it even syncs with LinkedIn, so you have a bit of an idea who you’re meeting for coffee on Tuesday…

2. Drive (iPhone, Android)

It can be a little scary to have your Google Drive on your phone, but it makes it super easy to access all the work documents you might need.

3. Genius Scan (iPhone, Android)

Ever need to sign a document or contract, only to realize that you don’t have a printer? Well genius scan will solve all those potential headaches. All you need to do is take a picture with your phone, and then the app will do the rest.

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4. Remember the Milk (iPhone, Android)

This app lets you take your to-do list wherever you need it to go. And it can sync with the desktop version, so you always have a back up of what you need to do. Set do-dates, set priorities, and even set time limits for how to long it should take you to complete a task.

5. TeuxDeux (iPhone, Android)

This daily to-do list can even help you remember to put on pants (it’s their tagline). It keeps track of everything you need to do on a specific day, and then rolls over your unfinished tasks to the next day. Added bonus? You can bold things. Ooooo.

6. Wunderlist (iPhone, Android)

Not only will Wunderlist help you at work, but it will also help organize your personal life, too. The collaboration and communication features make it super easy to stay connected with friends, family, and basically anyone that you want to help you get stuff done.

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7. SwiftKey (iPhone, Android)

Do you ever get really annoyed when you’re trying to talk to your friend about how awesome Kate Middleton is and Apple autocorrects the name “kate” to every single other word ending in “ate”? (This literally just happened to me 10 minutes ago. Super frustrating.) Well SwiftKey will get rid of all of that nonsense. It can predict your typing habits so you’ll never have a stupid autocorrect again.

9. iA Writer (iPhone, Android)

Writing an important email? Drafting a new contract or story? iA Writer is a simple, clear format for all your writing needs. It gives you a plain background with no fancy editing tools, so you can get the job done. And an extra plus is that it’s compatible with Word, iCloud, and Dropbox.

10. Wire (iPhone, Android)

With this communication tool, you can incorporate calls, texts, photos, videos, and group messaging all in one. It’s your new go-to for staying in touch.

11. Slack (iPhone, Android)

Your team at work will soon fall in love with Slack. It lets you sort things by project, task, or specific person, so all the communication about your next big presentation is in one place. This way you’ll know who’s at fault for missing a message… they have no excuses anymore.

12. OneNote (iPhone, Android)

For anyone that still likes to jot things down on occasion, OneNote is the app for you. It not only lets you take real notes on it, but you can also scan notes, take pictures of notes, upload them from your computer, all sorts of things. And the best part? You can search through all your notes, so you’ll know exactly what deadline you set for that big project (no matter what anyone else tells you).

This article, written by Erica Murphy, was originally published by Levo League here.

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