May 29, 2013

Ways To Fuel Your Own Growth

Bestselling author, corporate director and speaker Nilofer Merchant recently published a quick read on a more thoughtful approach to take in new ideas and fuel your own growth. She says, “To take in new ideas is to let yourself be changed. And, there’s probably as many techniques as there are people as to how to do that.” She goes on to outline three things that change you and offers prompts on how you can take in new ideas and let yourself be changed.

In many ways our philosophy at Live in the Grey is also a prompt to rethink some of things you may have had distilled to you regarding your own growth and approach to life. We believe that if you want to make a meaningful change in your life and career then you need to change the way you do things. And that process starts by opening yourself up to new ideas, people, and experiences.

What will you do to fuel your own growth?

[Image: Flickr user John Picken]

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