May 28, 2013

How To Be Happy At Work- Even If You Hate Your Job

Author, researcher, and entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa, recently published an article on how your outlook can affect your happiness at work and beyond. He says:

It is easy to look at all the things that are wrong with your job. But instead of being despondent at work and focusing on the two or three things that you think are wrong with your job, try thinking about the twenty or so things that are good about it. Try making a list of all that’s good about your job, including the fact you have one. Don’t think it. Feel the gratitude. Let it well up and surround you and overflow. It takes some practice but you can get there. Now from this space tackle the problems you are facing. They no longer seem so formidable, and the odds are great that you can resolve your predicament effortlessly.

As we say in our philosophy, “It’s okay to start small, but aim for bigger.” Wadhwa goes on to impart a few important lessons he’s learned throughout his career and life. Be sure to read his full article here.

How often do you invest your emotional energy in ways that make you feel and function better?

[Image: Flickr user Philippe Put]

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