Earlier this week, Live in the Grey held a workshop to help people learn how to expand their box. It was an incredible experience for our team as we got to see our community come together and share their passions and their ideas on how to take action in their own lives so that they can #LiveGrey!

One of the evening’s participants, Taylor Siebenaler, shared her notes with us (pictured above - how cool is this?!). As Taylor illustrates, the first step to expanding your box is to define their passions. Next, it’s important to assess your reality - how fertile is your work environment to helping you act on your desires to incorporate your personal passions into your job description? After tackling some of these exercises, devise a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goal so you have a game-plan on how to act on your desire to expand your box (remember, actions trump intentions).

It’s important to note that expanding your box isn’t just for those in creative or people-focused industries. Collectively, the group that joined us had very diverse professional backgrounds, including: finance, technology, consumer products, wellness and more.  If you work in a more traditional, black-and-white industry, don’t be discouraged, you can find a way to incorporate more of yourself into your work. For inspiration, check out this great example we found of Aarti Kapoor who blended her passion for wellness into her job as an investment banker!

Questions about how to use this framework? Reach out to us in the comments below or via email, [email protected]

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  • Emily Soukas

    Thanks for recapping, Taylor! What a great framework to build off of, and so beautifully written, I might add!

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