January 7, 2013

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Relationships

We have a philosophy at Live in the Grey, part of which states, “nothing is more important than your relationships.” Living life in the grey is about being your authentic self. Author and social entrepreneur Dan Pallotta offers a refreshing and thought-provoking take on why it is so important to speak the truth about your relationships in life and in business from the perspective of a gay man who is constantly “coming out.” Dan argues that we all have something to “come out” about on a daily basis to really live our truth. That authenticity is a critical leadership trait and reflects personal and professional courage:

Each of us lives with the reality of products and services that come from companies whose leaders have surrendered their truth about quality and excellence. My parents just bought a flat screen TV from a major manufacturer. The speakers are in the back, pointing away from the viewer, and they can’t hear the damned thing. Why is a product like that allowed out the door?… Probably because of the same kind of self-talk that goes on in a gay man’s head before he’s ready to come out: ‘Why make a big deal of it? It dosen’t really matter.’ But when he finally comes out, he realizes it was the only thing that mattered, and that coming out transformed his life.

We strongly encourage you to read Dan’s full post here.

Will 2013 be the year you live your truth out loud?

[Image: Flickr user Daniel Kulinski]

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