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Author and coach, Barbara Stanny, came up with the great list below that will help you realize when you are in resistance. In other words, when your inner-critic, or the part of your brain that’s “chicken,” is full-on raging and keeping you from achieving the career life you deserve.

If you’ve had any of the ideas below go through your head when considering a career move, take note. Becoming aware of the thoughts that keep you in your comfort zone is the first step to being able to move past them.

Out yourself to us in the comments below and stay tuned in for tomorrow’s post where we will talk about why resistance shows up.

1. You’re too busy. “I have no time.”
2. You procrastinate. “I’ll do it later.”
3. You’re scared into inaction. “Omygawd, what if…?”
4. You defer decisions. “You do it; you decide.”
5. You lose interest. “This is boring, it’s not my thing.”
6. You’re forgetful. “Oh, I meant to, but I forgot.”
7. You’re disorganized. “Where did I put that…?”
8. You fog up, space out. “What are you talking about?”
9. You feel paralyzed. “I just can’t think or get going.”
10. You find reasons not to act. 
“I can’t because…”
11. You’re impatient. “This is taking way too long.”
12. You keep running into naysayers. Other people say, “You can’t do that,” “That’s not possible.” This form of resistance is especially sneaky. You project your own fear out onto others.


  • Melissa

    I often find myself bored and losing interest in my day to day life, especially in the workplace. This is upsetting to me because I am a teacher and have wanted to be one since I was 7 years old. I also feel like I am becoming impatient in achieving the life I want to live. I am practicing becoming more aware of these thoughts entering my mind and trying to pinpoint exactly “what” about my job is contributing to these thoughts.

  • Live in the Grey

    Sounds like you are on the exact right path to figuring out what’s currently leaving you unfulfilled. Perhaps there is a way for you to fold more of what you’re personally passionate about into your teaching job?
    Good luck Melissa - keep us posted!

  • Jon

    i’m currently unemployed and haven’t been able to find a new job in almost 9 months. i feel lost and like life is slipping away from me. i used to really love to write, but convinced myself that it wasn’t a realistic career. i was never going to be a writer so i should just find a job that can pay the bills. now i don’t have either. i’m so lost, confused, and overwhelmed. i need help, but i don’t have anyone to turn to, i’m isolated and alone. if anyone has any advice, please feel free to comment.

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