January 9, 2013

The Unexpected Payoff Of Risk

Although it seems scary, risk can often pay off in unexpected ways. Corporate expat Anthony Marnell quit his job after six years at a global investment company and is currently traveling the globe. What he didn’t expect was for his travels to rekindle his flame to start a business, and lead him to discover some of the most important entrepreneurial lessons he’s ever known. Many of these lessons could also be applied to anyone thinking of leaving their job, and seeking to actively blend personal and professional networks. When it comes to taking risks he says:

I also learned how important it was for me to continue to do things that I’m afraid of. It’s through that I learn more about myself, and potentially the world, and taking risks is critical to growth. When starting a business, I want to continue to do things that I may be a bit afraid to do, not avoid them.

Take a look at his full post on the Escape blog. There’s also a great tip about spending cash!

How often do you push yourself to face your fears head-on?

[Image: Stephanie Bassos]

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