December 16, 2013

The Power of Fulfillment

How do you justify why you’re not taking steps to live in the grey?

- It’s not the right thing to do.
- There was a lot of money on the line.
- I have obligations.
- I was too far in.
- It’s the way it’s always been done.

Read on to see what Danielle LaPorte has to say about sticking to a life that is black and white:

“I’ve worked my ass off to hit targets and launch stuff that made me feel flat and less than proud. I’ve joylessly pursued goals that I didn’t fully believe in, because I wanted to be successful. That’s twisted. And it never paid off, no matter how good I looked while I was doing it, no matter how together everyone else thought I was. It cost me—big time. My definition of success needed a major overhaul.”

And that’s what’s required for most of us when we decide that the journey matters as much as the result, and that we want to have a good time most of the time: we radically alter our personal definition of success.

Here’s the thing: as hardwired achievement-bots, many of us subscribe to systems of success that actually become blockages to our instincts. Structures, programs, regimens—all disciplines and theories should be used to support our freedom and independent thinking, but many serve to stifle our life force instead.

When we make feeling good a priority, everything changes—our individual lives change, and social systems change. How we make and spend money changes. How we teach and learn changes. How we love changes. Think of all the freedom fighters and activists who decided that openly loving and respecting whom they wanted to made them feel good. That feeling of liberation was more important to them than social acceptance, and it was worth the risk to fight for equal rights. Black, white, gay, straight—whoever they were, regardless of what category they fit into, their desire to be free and fulfilled revolutionized society.

Choosing fulfillment turns the tide of history.”

What role in history will you play?

These wise words about the power of fulfillment come from Danielle’s program, The Desire Map


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