November 5, 2013

Recap: The Pursuit of a Fulfilling Career

We had an amazing event last night at Space 530 with Pave! If you were unable to make it, check out the recap below.

Pave is a platform that empowers individuals to pursue their passions with capital and support from “backers” who believe in them. This idea makes it possible for people to share the risk that is often involved with choosing to live in the grey. Without having to worry about paying the bills, prospects can move forward with their pursuit of a fulfilling career.

The goal of the evening was to put context to how individuals living in the grey can help others on their own quest to live grey. In addition to financial backing, this support also includes mentorship. We met four Pave prospects (three campaigning for funding and one who has been funded) and two Pave backers. Conversation revolved around how prospects and backers folded their passions into their professional lives and how to overcome the difficulties that arise when trying to do so.

Below are some of our favorite photos and quotes of the night (find more on Twitter at #litgpave).


Monica Sender shares her passion for film

Christian Lawless, Jake Brenner, David Krevitt


An inspiring view!

Learn more about the Pave prospects (filmmaker Monica Sender, education activist Ify Walker, social entrepreneurs Joshua Brueckner and David Krevitt), backers (Christian Lawless and Jake Brenner) and co-founders (Sal Lahoud and Oren Bass)!

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