November 8, 2013

Host Your Own Failure Conference

[Image: Lucas Artoni]

Did you know that there is an international conference dedicated to failure?

Around 5 years ago, Cass Phillipps and Diane Loviglio realized they were tired of attending events where entrepreneurs talked only about their successes. This frustration led to FailCon, a conference dedicated to entrepreneurs sharing the failures they’ve experienced along their journeys. The goal of the conference is to learn from each other’s mistakes and use the knowledge gained to make better decisions the next time around.

What’s really interesting about the conference is that it’s popularity is spreading across the globe. Next year, FailCon will land in India, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.

Intrigued? Host your own version of FailCon!

Gather a few brave friends/co-workers who will be open to being vulnerable in front of each other (it takes guts to admit your failures!). Start the conversation off by discussing your reactions and thoughts to some of these past posts from #FailureFriday: What Does it Mean to Fail?Failure IS an Option, Fail as Often as Possible and Making Mistakes is Brave.

Now that you’ve all warmed up, begin sharing your biggest failure to date. Don’t forget, the goal isn’t to get down on yourself or judge. Remind your guests that you are all there to encourage, inspire and empower one another!

To learn the most from each other, be sure to ask questions like:
- What didn’t work?
- What you could have done differently?
- At what moment did you decide you needed to let go?

Good luck and be sure to let us know how your mini-FailCon goes!


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