June 13, 2013

Grey Journey // Lindsay Ratowsky

By now, you’ve met Lindsay Ratowsky on our site once or twice before. What you might not know about her yet though is her path to a grey life.

Watch the video below to hear how Lindsay moved from California to New York and left her career in the entertainment industry to join charity: water and the nonprofit world. We love this story of how Lindsay found a way to blend her passion for storytelling with her interest in giving back and being close to nature.


Learn from Lindsay

1. The idea of a “traditional career path” is outdated. 
Celebrate your varied experience and apply it to your dream position. Employers often appreciate the new perspectives that come from people outside of their industry.

2. Meet new people, stay in touch with them.
It might sound at first that an awesome job, perfect for Lindsay fell into her lap out of the blue - lucky girl. But if you listen closely to her story, that’s not what happened. Lindsay actually engineered serendipity for herself by forming a meaningful relationship with an interesting person. Remember what we always like to say, nothing is more important than your relationships.

3. Be open.
Lindsay allowed her attention to shift and expand to see other ways people were applying the same skill she had. Being open to the idea of using her experience in a completely new setting is what allowed her to blend her personal passions with her professional interests.

4. Ask yourself what you want.
What does grey look like for you? Take the time to brainstorm like Lindsay did. Think about what you want out of your career/life and don’t edit yourself. Being honest with yourself and bringing awareness to what you truly want will help you recognize opportunities when they arise. This is important because the perfect job for you won’t always come with flashing lights and a sign stating so. In fact it might come attached to what feels like a major life change (in Lindsay’s case, a move across the country).

Learn more about charity: water here.


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