January 30, 2013

Creative Thinking Will Rule The Future

You may know Daniel Pink as the voice of this viral RSA animated video on the surprising truth about what really motivates us. Pink is also a journalist and author of several bestselling books on economic transformation and the changing world of work. Oprah loved his bestseller A Whole New Mind so much, she decided to distribute the book among top level management at Harpo Productions and buy 4,500 copies to distribute among the 2008 graduating class of Standford University. Here Oprah talks with Pink on why the future will belong to right-brainers, how the knowledge worker will become inadequate, and the value of pursuing a meaningful life. He says:

“It used to be that the abilities that mattered most in any kind of profession were the left-brained kind of abilities- logical, linear, sequential, S.A.T., spreadsheet-kind of abilities. And today those things still matter, but they’re not enough. Today, the abilities that now matter most are characteristic of the right hemisphere- artistry, empathy, inventiveness, big-picture thinking. Those kinds of abilities have become the first among equals in a whole range of businesses and professions.”

If you don’t have time to watch this entire video, start at the 18:00 minute mark and continue to the end. The main takeaway is this: The career of the future will soon hinge upon, not what you know, but what you care about and how you connect your passions with your desire to make a contribution to the world.

Now the questions become: How are you evolving in the workforce? How do you define your contributions to the world? and Are you actively working to bridge your passions with your contributions?

[Image: Flickr user jDevaun]

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