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Live in the Grey offers resources, inspiration, consulting and community to help you change your approach to work. We believe blending the black-and-white mentality that divides personal/professional, life/work, friends/colleagues makes work more fulfilling – and colorful.


Blend passion and profession #LiveGrey

The Community

LITGers hail from all over the world. They share insight from hundreds of professions - and thousands of interests and passions. And they live grey in ways that inspire us to keep doing what we do.


(and these are just a few!)

  • 70%
    of American workers
    are disengaged
    from their work
  • 1 in 4
    don't trust
    their employer
  • 59%
    of employees feel
    irritable, impatient or
    anxious at work


It’s not just us. Attitudes toward work are shifting in our culture as a whole, and we believe it’s for the better. We can help you navigate a world where employees demand more from their work—and give more back in return.

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