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In one of Alexis Grant’s latest blog posts she shares how proud she is of her fiance, Ben, for creating the life and career he wants. Ben recently left the corporate world but felt guilty about doing it. He felt “as though he had severed a cord he wasn’t supposed to cut.” She explains he felt guilt for doing something different and for letting people down who expected him to just keep down that path.

A really interesting point, we thought. Have any of you LITGers felt guilty for leaving an unhappy work situation to do what you love?

If so, perhaps Alexis’ advice to Ben will also support you:

She requested he get clear about exactly who he was letting down. (Because it certainly wasn’t the woman he was about to marry). When she asked him who and he couldn’t name anyone, they realized that what he was experiencing was a feeling that choosing a deviation from the path everyone else was on was wrong. Alexis started to refer to that pesky feeling as a bully.

That bully, the status quo, often lingers and keeps many of us in our comfort zone. So how do you get past it?

Here’s Alexis’ advice:

Surround yourself with go-getters. Do not let that gossiping gal in the cube define your normal. Find other people who think it’s amazing that you’re giving the status quo a big FU, and hang out with them — even if you can’t do it in person, even if it’s only online. These people will help you approach life the way you want to.

We have to cheer each other on, us go-getters. We have to keep reminding ourselves that living differently is not only okay, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

That’s exactly what the Live in the Grey community is all about. While society often doesn’t make it easy to go against the status quo, turn to your fellow LITGers and get inspired to follow Ben’s lead and take that leap anyway!

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