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Justin Carboneau, a member of the Live in the Grey community, recently shared an article with us that he wrote for his company blog entitled, How I Live like an Entrepreneur and Get Paid like an Employee.

In it, Justin tells the story of his grey journey, where he went from a not-quite-satisfying freelance/entrepreneurial career to a job within a company that was “made for him.”

People often assume if you are loving what you do and doing what you love, you got lucky. Justin’s post shares the truth behind the myth – it takes initiative!

Read exactly how Justin expanded his box and turned his role at Exygy into much more than just a web developer. If you are looking for ways to incorporate your personal interests into your daily work, look to Justin for inspiration (and a how-to!). Our favorite line from the piece is, “I had something valuable to offer the company, which was completely outside my job description but which I really enjoyed.”

Learn from Justin: 

Take a page out of Justin’s book and ask yourself the questions below on a regular basis to make sure you still enjoy what you’re doing:

Am I excited to start work on Monday morning? Or do I wish it were still the weekend?

As Justin states, “If you don’t ask yourself these questions often, it’s easy to fall into a rut and not realize it for a long time.”


Have you expanded your box at work? Share with us below in the comments!


  • esmera kanalstein

    I somewhere along the road, heading towards living in the grey, or so I hope. It gives me so much hope and strengthens my resolve to find this place, this virtual support; to read about amazing journeys and to keep going, to keep trying. I am yet to decipher my final target and invest the courage to see it through but I have the contours and need to focus and organize myself. Will let you know where the journey takes me.

  • Live in the Grey

    So glad to hear you feel supported in your grey journey, Esmera! Keep us posted on your progress!

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