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Burnout happens.

There’s no denying that sometimes, when you love what you do and live what you love, you can run yourself ragged.

If you’ve experienced this before, check out these tips below that we found from Ilya Pozin’s most recent  LinkedIn piece. These pearls of wisdom all come from grey individuals who have figured out how to best avoid burnout.

Number one, we’ve got to get real and acknowledge that with the technology we have these days, work can always be with us.  Matthew Moisan, from Moisan Legal, P.C., encourages people to disconnect: 

“For me, turning my phone off and going for a hike, a bike ride or another activity in nature is immensely relaxing.”

Since the majority of the time you will be connected, pay attention to how you organize and schedule your life:

Schedule Your Life, Too

“Reserve personal time in your schedule for activities that allow you to recharge and that add value, such as daily exercise, a weekly date or social night, family activities and vacation. You will not only have something to look forward to, but by reserving personal time you will have extra motivation to manage your time well so you do not have to cancel on others — or yourself!” Doug BendBend Law Group, PC

Start and Stop on Time

“I used to let my business drive all over my personal life because I didn’t have any set boundaries. Plans with my girlfriend, family and friends would often get delayed or cancelled because I was busy at the office. After a while, I noticed that it took a significant toll on my most important relationships, and I made the decision to always start and end things on time. It’s helped tremendously.” Mark KrassnerKnee Walker Central

Leave the Office

“I used to get stuck at the office until all hours of the night. That’s not good for your personal life and loved ones who are waiting at home for you. So I made one simple change. I booked a family function to attend every night of the week. It could be as simple as dinner or a family walk at a local park. Just thinking about standing your family up forces you to be there with them.” Logan LenzEndagon


Living in the grey is all about blending personal and professional. Here are some specific tips on how to combat what can happen when you work this way:

Maintain a Very High Sense of Professionalism

“In most ways, I prefer to integrate my personal and professional life 100 percent of the time. I love really caring for the people I work with and working with the people that I care about. That being said, I do think there is a certain responsibility that comes with leadership. I always highly recommend to people that they maintain a very high sense of professionalism in their working relationships.” Dan PriceGravity Payments

Remember That at Work, You Are a Boss First 

“As an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time with your team. They become your morning, noon and night people. It’s OK to be both personal and professional friends, but you need to remember that you are their boss first. Make sure you are responsible, that they respect you, and that you are a good role model for work ethic.” Amanda L. BarbaraPubslush

Have Friends Hold You Accountable

“Entrepreneurs are obsessive by nature. Sometimes we obsess over the wrong things too much and impact those around us. One of the best ways to prevent this is to ask your friends to hold you accountable. A trusted friend can hold you accountable not just to your social life but also to your family. Tell them what you want to be better at in your personal life and have them check in.” Michael CostiganYouth Leadership Specialist


Did you find these tips helpful?

If you’ve got any tips to add to this list, do so below in the comments!

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