Live in the Grey at We Work LA

We recently traveled to Los Angeles and had the honor of putting together a panel of three individuals who live in the grey. Amanda Slavin (founder of CatalystCreativ), Carter Reum (cofounder of VeeV Spirits) and Ricky Rollins (of Schumacher Management) joined us at We Work Labs to talk about how they live grey.

The evening kicked off by asking each panelist which part of the Live in the Grey philosophy they resonate most with:

“Learn from others. Everyone’s a teacher.” // Ricky

“Nothing is more important than your relationships.” // Amanda

“Change happens when it’s invited.” // Carter

Live in the Grey panel discussion in LA

We also noticed something else the panelists have in common when it comes to their respective grey journeys- they all live the idea “make your friends your colleagues and your colleagues your friends.” 

When Amanda started her company in 2012, she reached out to four of her close friends for help. While they all live in different states, they are able to successfully collaborate with Tony Hsieh in revitalizing Downtown Las Vegas. In a similar vein, Carter founded VeeV with his twin brother, Courtney. He shared that “collaboration fosters enthusiasm” and they have a fruitful working relationship. Ricky shared that he feels lucky to have had the experience many times over to make friends out of the people he represents. He tends to be drawn to actors that share similar interests and inspire him, great fodder for lasting friendship!

VeeV Spirits and Live in the Grey

Finally, we’ll leave you with words of wisdom our panelists and the Live in the Grey founders shared with the audience when asked, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

“It’s not just another day, it’s a new day.” // Ricky

“Listen and learn from other people’s stories.” // Amanda

“Don’t wait till you have the genius moment. You don’t have to figure it all out at once.” // Carter

“Win as we, fail as me.” // David

“Turn every meeting into two more meetings.” // Maneesh

Do you have advice that has helped shape the course of your career? Share with us below in the comment section.


[Images: Kirsten Kesicki]

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