We believe life/work are not black/white. For over one hundred years, our predecessors have lived in a way that conditions individuals to leave their personal life at home when they walk through the office door. We believe the future of work demands a different approach that enables the new generation of workers to find success via work/life integration.

Our purpose is to create tools and resources to…

  • help people blend their personal and professional interests at work to find fulfillment
  • help enable employers to create environments where employees bring their whole self to work
  • help people to love their work by tapping into their fullest potential
  • cure the “Sunday night blues” so Mondays are not so dreaded
  • help people to be themselves via more self-fulfillment and self-discovery

Our Impact:

  • We believe the world will be a better place if everyone loves what they do.
  • Companies / organizations will be more successful if their employees are more passionate about their work.
  • Individuals will be more well-rounded employees by being more connected, productive and fulfilled.

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