Living in the grey can present itself in all different forms, especially when your career takes you down paths you didn’t imagine. There’s no industry where this is more true than in the ever-evolving media and Internet landscape. Each day brings new challenges (and adventures) as we learned when we sat down with Teal Newland, Vice President of Revenue, Marketing, and Partnerships at StumbleUpon.

How did she find her fit at the company? Why is company culture so important? What’s her number one suggestion for making a good impression in an interview?

Check out her advice in the video below, as well as our favorite takeaways from the interview.

Our Favorite Takeaways

  • “You never know what relationship in your past will impact a relationship going forward.”
  •  “I come into the office and I learn something new every day.”
  • “You hire really great people who are way smarter than you are.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to make cold introductions.”
  • “Every interview, the end goal isn’t always the job.”
  • “When you approach an interview, it’s like, what am I bringing to the conversation?”
  • “There’s always going to be something going wrong, There’s always going to be a struggle everyday, especially in Advertising… and so you kind of have to love that moment of panic and resolution, of media and of a new industry.”
  • “StumbleUpon is literally about discovery… In a lot of ways that embodies what I’ve tried to do in my own career, which is… always be interested and inspired by the people around you. By the company that you’re in. By the partnerships that you make.”


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