Pyschologies UK - Nov 2013 Live in the Grey story

Maneesh is featured in the November issue of Psychologies Magazine talking about the difference between balancing work and play – living 50% of your life in the black and 50% of your life in the white – and blending work and play, or living in the grey.

“Balance is, by its very nature,  precarious  – it’s very difficult to achieve. The very concept just conjures up images of trying to balance a see-saw. How much time exactly should you spend on thing or another?”

At Live in the Grey, we hope to inspire our community to focus on blending work and play rather than balancing them. We feel the goal should be to mesh your personal and professional lives so that you find fulfillment in both.

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[Tweet “”Be open to the idea that your career journey is going to have many different chapters.” @mkgoyal”]

[Tweet “”No one is going to come knocking on your door…you have to take that risk.” @mkgoyal”]

[Tweet ” Want to #LiveGrey? “There is always a way.” @mkgoyal”]

Please read the full interview: Psychologies Magazine – November 2013


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