What Your Hobbies Say About Your Career

In a previous post we shared actionable tips to create small shifts in your career and encouraged you to think back to your childhood days when you dreamt of what you’d be when you “grew up.”

The point of this exercise isn’t to make you feel bad that you didn’t become an astronaut, baker or whatever “crazy” thing you wanted to be. Rather, it is to understand what that desire reveals about the core aspects of your personality – the things about you that don’t change no matter how “grown up” you might be. So if you did want to become an astronaut, that suggests that your innate desire is to do something exploratory, adventurous or inventive. The same can be said for hobbies.

We recently stumbled across this post from Good.co that breaks down what our hobbies say about our strengths and who we are. Here are some of our favorites:

Endurance sports
Sports like running, cycling swimming etc. suggest that a person has tenacity, perseverance and drive, which are exactly the qualities that are desirable for a sales or business development role.

 Creative hobbies
Hobbies like cooking, painting and photography are artistic pursuits which suggest that you have a creative mind. Such hobbies might make you more appealing to employers in dynamic sectors and industries such marketing, PR, design, etc.

 High risk pursuits
Activities such as mountain climbing, mountain bike racing and sky diving can suggest that a person is happy to push back boundaries and take calculated risks. These strengths are desirable for people going into thought leadership roles or product/department leadership roles.

Creative writing
An interest in creative writing – whether through poetry, short stories or a personal blog – can highlight your strengths as a writer or editor. This type of skill is highly sought-after for editorial positions, public relations positions with an emphasis on communications, or social media-type roles.

Community group involvement
Such hobbies can suggest that you are someone who is comfortable collaborating with others. This means you could be seen as a particularly good personality fit  for managerial roles.

What are your hobbies and what do they say about you? How are you blending your qualities/strengths into your current job role?

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