“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw

We love the quote above because living in the grey is all about creating a career that works for you, one that blends your personal passions with your professional interests. The perfect time to start with this mindset is college.

If you are back at school this fall, check out the tips below to help you on your journey to #LiveGrey:

Schedule your appointment with your Career Advisor at your college or university as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your senior year to utilize your advisor’s services and expertise.  Ask your advisor questions like:

– How can I apply my education and my personal interests to a job?
– Are there resources for helping me figure out what career or job I might love and be great at?
– How can the career center help facilitate a more individualized job search which helps me find a job I will love?
– What resources does the university offer me to help me hone my interviewing skills, resume writing, etc.?
– What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t declared a major or isn’t sure what career path they want to take?

Don’t be shy! Allowing your advisor to get to know you more personally can be your best asset.

Find a mentor you admire.  Get to know an older student or a relatable professor who you look up to and ask them to become your mentor.  Take them out for coffee or lunch often to ask them questions about how they’ve navigated their career and any advice they may have for you.

Mentors can also exist online or in good, old-fashioned books. Find an expert in an industry you’re interested in and research their career path.

Collaborate to create opportunity. Take on extra projects like volunteering for an organization you are passionate about or organize a brainstorming or study session with your peers to prepare for upcoming exams or projects. Utilizing your energy in this manner will help you to speak with a potential employer about your organization and leadership skills.

Look your social networks in the eye. Utilize your social media accounts to support causes, hone your own voice and create new relationships with potential mentors. Start conversations on Facebook pages or respond to Tweets in order to build relationships with hardworking, inspiring individuals that you admire. If you have something you want to say, people are likely to listen and respond to you.

Start internships now.  If your course load allows you to have extra hours in the week, find a part-time internship that is related to your personal interests and education instead of sleeping the mornings away or going to more happy hours than you can afford. The more experience you have while in school, the easier it will be for you to identify what you’re interested in doing for your career when you graduate.


Do you have other ideas/tips to share with the Live in the Grey community? Tell us in the comments below!


[Image: The University of Iowa Libraries]

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