Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to Live in the Grey! We appreciate your desire to help others in the community #LiveGrey.

This FAQ is designed to guide you through the writing, formatting and submitting process. Following these guidelines will ensure our collaboration is as smooth as possible. If you’d like to submit a guest post, please read these guidelines first and then pitch content manager, Amanda Peralta (

Types of Contributors

  • You have a specific story to tell or point to make and can share that within one guest post. We’ll work collaboratively to hone in on your thesis but it will be your idea.
  • You are passionate about living in the grey and/or have expertise in writing and career advice. You would be interested in contributing on an ongoing basis, limited by your capacity. Live in the Grey will suggest topics that our audience is interested in; the topic choosing process is collaborative.

What are examples of what I could write?

  • Our content buckets include career advice, how to, company culture, grey stories, live grey & #FailureFriday
  • We encourage contributors to write about career advice, i.e. tips and advice on landing dream jobs, frameworks for career advancement and resources for professional development
  • See examples in our recent content

What should I keep in mind while writing?

– How did the experience impact you/ help you to live in the grey?
– What can others learn from your personal experience?
– Whether you’re a lawyer, a musician, a doctor or teacher etc, how can you use your own story to relate to individuals following other career paths?
– For people who are interested in pursuing your field, what additional advice can you offer them?

Should I pitch my ideas to Live in the Grey before I begin writing?

Yes, we encourage this! It will make the writing and editing process easier for everyone.

How long should my post be?

Shoot for between 500- 700 words. Focus more on the important message/lessons of your experiences rather than the specific details about what happened. This way, your story will be relatable to everyone.

Please aim to write your post in blog style, with short paragraphs. We love lists and sections, but be sure to include an introduction and a conclusion.

Is it okay to include links in the post? 

Yes! We love links- as long as they’re relevant to your post. Just be sure to insert links in your copy as hyperlinks (no HTML).

Should I have a headline?

Headlines are a great way to capture the attention of readers. Don’t hesitate to add one.

Will my post be edited?

Yes, but if you follow these guidelines, the editing process should be minimal. We will have you approve the edits before your piece is posted on the site.

Can I add photographs? 

We love visuals. Feel free to add a photograph for your piece.

What should my bio say?

Each guest post will be accompanied by a one or two sentence bio about the guest blogger. Feel free to include a link to your website, Twitter handle or another page about you. Please send a picture of yourself to include with your bio.