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We love to check out the @Work section of Marie Claire, which features women who love what they do and live what they love.

Last month, the magazine dubbed Rachel Weiss, vice president of digital innovation, content, and new business ventures at L’Oréal USA, “the risk taker.” Read below for some of our favorite excerpts from the interview.

MARIE CLAIREYou have had an unconventional career path, having started out as a stand-up comic. How did that happen?
RACHEL WEISS: I always loved comedy, and when I was 25, I got a marketing job at Broadway Video, which produces Saturday Night Live. I was working with comedians who kept telling me, “You should try comedy!” I take a lot of risks, and I was like, “All right, I’ll try it!” I did very well early on, but after five or six years, I asked myself, Is this what I really want to be doing? I’d created a website to promote my shows—this was the mid-’90s and no one was really doing that. I used those skills to get a job at a startup called Novix Media. It wasn’t anything I ever intended, but I liked doing digital media more than being onstage.

MCYou’ve said that you spend most of your off-hours online—which pretty much means you’re always working, no?
RW: My job is my life and I choose that. All my friends have similar careers and objectives, so we go to the same parties, we talk to the same people. I work till I go to bed. And while that seems like fun, it’s still work. But I have a job where I figure out how technology can solve new business challenges, working for a company that helps women feel beautiful and confident. I think that’s pretty exciting.


It’s great that Rachel checked in with herself to make sure she was still fulfilled by her career in comedy. When was the last time you did that for yourself? Did you also notice how she used her skills from aspect of her career and applied them to change her trajectory? It reminds us of the insight we recently gleaned from Seth Godin about rearranging the letters of your alphabet. Above all, it’s awesome to see how Rachel has blended her personal and professional passions and proudly declares, “my job is my life and I choose that.” Learn more about what Rachel does by reading the full interview.

 [Image: Charlie Engman]

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