Elisa Steele, Marie Claire, Live in the Grey

Elisa Steele, Chief Marketing Officer at Skype, was recently featured in the @Work section of Marie Claire.

In the interview, Elisa makes a great point about the barriers between “mom” and “professional” that we thought applies even more broadly:

The truth is, there is no “work-life balance”; it’s just life. A mistake I made for many years was trying to put up walls between each of my roles: Like, I’m a mom when I’m at home, and I’m a professional at work. But it was a constant struggle. So I just changed my mentality about it, which was so liberating. I’m both of those people every day.

Anyone that’s hesitating or struggling with blending their personal life into their professional world, keep Elisa’s words in mind. Don’t shut out part of who you are just for a paycheck.

Elisa goes on to say that when she is looking for prospective employees, she’s looking for:

Two things: You’ve got to have passion and a point of view. What is it you want to do or change? My advice to [job seekers is], “Do your homework, have a point of view, be a good listener, and show passion”—that’s when people will give you a chance. 

We hope that this interview inspired you as it did us! Check out the rest of what Elisa had to say here.


[Image: Chuck Grant for Marie Claire]

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