A couple of weeks ago we co-hosted a Twitter #culturechat with and company culture experts Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant. The topic: What it means to assess your company culture.

As hard to quantify as culture is, it’s a worthwhile endeavor for companies to put thought and effort into. On that, everyone from company founders to career advice experts to culture specialists agreed. The fruitful conversation led to some great insights we want to share with you. Check out our take-aways and highlights below:

Overall take-aways

Assessing your company’s culture may be “messy” but it is also a necessity. There are invaluable lessons you will learn from analyzing your culture–

  • You may not ace your assessment and that’s okay! – Taking the time to assess shows your employees that you care. It will highlight areas of strength as well as showing you where there is room for growth and improvement.
  • There are many different components to measure in a culture assessment and ALL are important. – You can never understand the needs of your employees enough.
  • We’re seeing more and more examples of companies showcasing their culture. – This generation has started a movement “demanding” work-life satisfaction.

The Twitter Conversation:

Q1: Why is assessing your culture valuable?


Q2: What are the most important things to measure in a culture assessment?


Q3: Can you really assess culture objectively? How can assessments work if culture is so “messy?”


Q4: What if you’re disappointed with your assessment results? What do you do with “negative” results?


Q5: What companies or leaders do you admire for how they maintain/build culture?

We hope you got as much out of these insights as we did! Be sure to read more company culture content here and subscribe to our newsletter here!


Rebeccah Bakich is a graduate from the University at Albany living in Rockville Centre, NY. She is a determined dreamer looking to impact others though her work in media. She is also a frequent yoga goer who has a strong passion for photography.

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