When we think of startup culture, we tend to picture beanbag chairs clustered around ping-pong tables at cool new tech companies trying to be the next Facebook. But a company doesn’t have to be in the tech, advertising, or lifestyle industries in order to have a vibrant culture. With more and more millennials joining the workforce and prioritizing culture-fit and passion-focused careers, companies across all industries are revitalizing their cultures.

Among them is Nomad Financial—a company breaking the stereotype of the stuffy financial firm. Nomad’s mission is to removing the friction associated with starting and scaling a business; they take care of the financial stuff so companies can take care of the business. They’re also on a mission to provide a great work experience for their employees.

5 Philosophies for Happy Employees

Like many companies, Nomad has a list of 10 ruling “philosophies” or mini-mission statements. What sets them apart is the content: half of these guidelines are about people and culture. Here’s how bring to life the idea that a robust culture and happy employees help them the best advisors to others:

Do right by your clients, partners, and team.

Sharing mutual trust, support, and effort with clients, partners, and especially team members creates mutual benefit. Everybody wins!

Only work with people you like.

Surround yourself with the genuine, trustworthy people, from service people to team members. When you create a welcoming environment, you create an attractive workplace. That allows you to build a community, and not just a workforce.

Hire with a purpose.

Know what you want, and ask the right questions:

  • Do they fit the team and role?
  • How can we make them shine?
  • Will you admire them?
  • Are they self-aware?
  • Are they willing and able to learn?
  • Do they want to grow?

Live your passion daily.

Each team should be passionate about their roles, so that all employees feel they are working with others who share their sense of passion and dedication.

Be dedicated to the team.

Encourage, empower, and grow with one another. Strive to be egoless and work together towards the common goal. Mutual support and employee empowerment lead to ingenuity and new discoveries, which benefit the company, the client and the employees themselves.

In any industry, the best and most alluring culture “perks” don’t come from arcade games and limitless office snacks. As a company that is dedicated to helping startups grow in the most beneficial way, Nomad is equally dedicated to creating a work environment that supports and benefits its employees. After all, motivated, passionate, connected employees are happy and productive employees.

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Kate is from St. Louis, MO and recently graduated from Skidmore College. In an effort to put her English degree to use, she works in editorial and communications, with occasional forays into ESL teaching in a shameless attempt to travel for free. She reads way too many cooking sites and has a recipe for everything.

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